Monday, 21 September 2015

Nepal Secular Constitution announced on 20 Sep 2015 by the President: Ram Baran Yadav

NTP Management and Team Congratulate Nepal Common Public for Formally Announcing the Constitution of Nepal. Hereafter Nepal Shall be Governed under the Constitution of Nepal. It came into final augmentation from 20 Sep 2015. The New Constitution is replaced by Interim Constitution of Nepal 2007.

The Constitution is created by the Second Constituent Assembly after considering all the grey areas that made it previous unsuccessful.

A new constitution was supposed to be carried out in August 2015 but had been subject to teh inherent criticism which failed to protect Nepal Federal states and Fundamental rights and even old treaties and international commitments were violated. Finally after all the amendments and modifications the New Constitution was declared by President Ram Baran Yadav on 20 September 2015 

The New Republic will be declared as Federal Country considering the diversity of Nepal since its community speaks more than 100 languages and there exist high and low caste with Nepali speaking verses several indigenous languages. The New Constitution document is a step forward with the provisional boundaries of seven states but their names are yet to be announced and shall be decided in future assembly sessions. The Local people are thinking these new boundaries might not create another ethnically delineated split.   



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