Monday, 28 September 2015

Nepal Tourism - About Nepal Tourism:

Tourism is the largest revenue generating Industry of Nepal and the major source of Foreign Exchange for the Country which ensures Revenue and livelihood for the local population i.e., the reason the destination has majorly focused on niche and offbeat tourism products like Adventure tourism, Motobike tours, village tours, Trekking routes, culture and magic tours of Nepal with Shamanism tours & other pilgrimage tours like Janakpur, Muktinath, Changu Narayan and Buddhist Monstry and nrvana tours with Lumbini and heritage sites as well. The country is blessed with the Natural like Mountain peaks 8 of the 10 peaks in the world at Nepal, Wildlife with Chitwan, Bardia and many more Manmade resources which are transformed to the Cultural and Pilgrimage sites.
Nepal has beautiful resources of water and is felt as watershed of Asia lying between Tibet and India where the habitation on both of the sides is Trans with contrast racial features and mind set due to the weather and availability of the resources. Nepal Culture is diverse with different racial and cultural patterns with several native languages and ethnic patterns. The territory is although divided into seven states but would take some time to establish their Tal Mel and all would come with the new leadership and the binding forces which exist in the air. The community lives from dense forest, ancient cities, Hindu and Buddhist religious practices and the villages are perched on the rice farming terraces with sweeps and canals as waterbodies. The locals follow Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and the natural gods to Shamanism – The local Newar community which blends with the Tantric practices.
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The Culture and individual mindset has laid the boundaries of various territories else the region has never thought of colonizing and lived with all Friendly associates maintaining and retaining their cultural roots. The country with several local communities has retained national and ethical pride with several festivals and accustomed tradional ways of life. The people are friendly, tough and extend courtesy which we all could feel while we are on the terrains like Gorkha marshal solidiers and Sherpas who are climbers.
Nepal has undergone several Polical insurgences time and again initially for the power by the royal communities and by 1990 Nepal was the last Monarchy which have had regime run by China repressiveness and Indian Bureaucracy since it had borders touching these 2 countries with might and strength to safeguard the region, this gave way to the restlessness and hampered economy with International exposure and Maoist Insurgence which ended with the Masacare of the Royal family and Maoist insurance and power by 2006 and made it a Federal Republic and now on 20 Sep 2015 the country is declared a Federal Democratic Country by making 7 unnamed states. 

Nepal Government is making all the efforts to make the region popular with several themes and interest and an ongoing process would continue in order to make it a source of revenue and bring the index of Nepal to the targeted year 2022 level.


  1. Nice and interesting information and informative too.
    Can you please let me know the good attraction places we can visit: nepal tour packages

  2. The Nepal tour offers the view of wildlife safari. One can witness the jungle safari tour including the visit to Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tapu Wildlife Reserve, and Bardiva National park.