Thursday, 21 April 2016

Nepal - Land of Temples, Snow Capped Peaks, Sherpas, Yaks, Mantras, Monasteries, Paragliding & Cannoning

Nepal is home to world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest and gateway to Holy Mount Kailash. It is wedged between Himalayas and the moist plains of India. Out trigger on the Rapti River and gliding next to the Annapurana mountain range. Nepal gives us a complete package of relaxation, pilgrimage and adventure. The country has a plenty of sightseeing places like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Nagarkot and Chitwan.

Nepal Tourism is divided into three different segments which are well in consideration all over the world; pilgrimage, wildlife and adventure.

Nepal has pilgrimage for three different religion: Hindu, Buddhist and Jain. Himalayas are called to be the home to Lord Shiva and his family. The gateway to the holiest Mt. Kailash is also from Nepal. The famous and sacred Pashupatinath Temple is also located in Kathmandu on the bank of river Bagmati. Janakpur is one of the most historical and religious city in Nepal as it is said to be the house of goddess Sita and a pilgrimage site for both Hindu and Nepalese. Muktinath is the land of Salvation and Mosha, a site of worship for Hindu as well as Buddhist. It is believed that a bath under 108 water pipes flowing around the temple can get moksha. Another famous place of pilgrimage is Lumbin, the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha.


Wildlife in Nepal

Chitwan is a rough country of rich ecosystem that includes more than 700 types of mammals, birds, reptiles and water animals of numerous kinds. The tourist attractions of this park are Asian one-horned rhinoceros and some Royal Bengal Tigers that live in the dense forests of the park. There are some adventure filled activities offered at this national park like elephant safari, bird watching, jeep drive and elephant bathing.



The city of Pokhara is called as the adventure capital of Nepal, the main reason of people traveling to this region. There are ample options of outdoor adventure activities available in Nepal. There is an extended list of the activities offered in this region like rock climbing, white water rafting, bungy jumping, paragliding and cannoning which are admired among adventure lovers. Also, one can have an adrenalin rush while doing bungy jumping over the high bridge of Bhote Koshi.  

So, in total the country of Nepal gives a complete package including pilgrimage, relaxation, wildlife, adventure and  natural beauty. A Lot to do In One Country.....



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