Saturday, 13 August 2016

Reasons to visit Nepal Now 2016 - 2017

When I travelled last year, to Nepal to report on whether the country was prepared to welcome tourist after the major series of earthquakes which rattled the entire region affected Nepal the most in 2015.

As a travel company Responsible Person with Offices at various locations, huge infrastructure and Team members combined with 30 years standing I was wondering how would we sustain the show and I was totally nervous with several inferences of my own and anticipations and started preparing to visit the nook and corner in order to plan our strategy to promote the destination. This would help me in preparing plans and better understand the infrastructure and resources.

As during that period following the earthquakes, the media had showcased a country in ruin. But was Nepal unsafe now, It took nine months the ground had stopped shaking but still all had mental tremor as anything could happen any time.
While I was travelling to Nepal I ensured I am in a cool mood and bought a non branded Pant and Bright blue tea shirt with ANNAPURNA BASE CAMP. Thereafter I passed through the tent village in the Nepali capital (City centre), where earthquake refugees were habituated and lived with only the clothes on their backs. They all had reconciled with the reality and were moving ahead with the routine in order to ensure the livelihood for the family and their own rehabilitation; this was a real motivation for me.

Next day I visited him Kopan Monastry what was real encouragement for me where Buddhist monks with Robes and peace on face spoke about Acceptance, compassion, contentment and love. The heart was full of gratitude when he said Stop looking for an added thing and be contended what you have now – this was a real motivation for me.

Then I visited Boudha the peaceful Tibetan Buddhist temple, here the Major Golden Stupa had cracked during the earthquake and the same is being rebuilt. I climbed the broken stone stairs to a rooftop area overlooking the temple; I passed by the set of chanting Buddhists, who seem contended and least affected by the damage. The had clear understanding as Life goes on. Devotion continues & the Stupas are still sacred, even if anybody are imperfect and not rearing.

I had lit butter lamps and recited a prayer: “Almighty give courage and strength to the Mankind and plants, animals and remove suffering to the body, mind and inner soul. Lord gives them all happiness and enlightens them to move ahead and excel”

Om Dyau Shanti Rantariksha Gwam
Shanti Prithvi Shanti Rapah
Shanti Roshadhayah Shanti Vanas Patayah
Shanti Vishwed Devah Shanti Brahma
Sarvag Wam
Shanti Shanti Reva Shanti Sa Ma Shanti Redhi
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


Unto the Heaven be Peace, Unto the Sky and the Earth be Peace,
Peace be unto the Water, Unto the Herbs and Trees be Peace,
Unto all the Gods be Peace, Unto Brahma and unto All be Peace.
And may we realize that Peace.
Om Peace Peace Peace

The nearby township of Bhaktapur was affected in 1934 and 2015 but life was onn and locals were planning to rebuild the same and I was totally encouraged with the enthusiasm, there were beautiful ancient wood crafted lattice, Narrow bricks and an open area with a Pagoda above the temple.

Nepal carries long age old legacy which has history of royal families, civil war, earthquake and border disputes /tiffs and the resultant shortage of household routine needs like petrol and fuel – but the real encouragement was optimism. Finally I realized things are beyond our control and we all have to live with them and life has to live with enthusiasm to achieve and rebuild.

Then I decided to travel by road to Pokhara where the entire economy is surviving on adventure tourism and Annapurna trekking. The region was totally unaffected since tourist come from Kathmandu (the only intl. airport) the shopkeepers were sitting idle but when we met them they were still smiling and greeted Namaste with the hope of all would settle and life would go onn. I was really encouraged.

 Adventure in nepal

Then I went for Paragliding and Zip line and we enjoyed the activity and I asked the instructor would you like to opt for another business or profession he said no as this is just the phase and all would settle with the time what was very encouraging to understand.

Experts of the tourism industry estimate that tourism numbers were down 65 percent across Nepal in 2015. Yet the places we visit are functioning normally, lacking only the usual tourist rush. It’s a magically quiet time.

From Pokhara I moved to Jomsom the Mustang District since we promote Muktinath Shrine and Annapurna trekking so it was essential for me to understand how to guide my guest. The region was seen with donkeys, red cherub children, the monks with prayer wheels, yak bells, local artifacts and jewelry. Then I checked with the locals they said that not much affect of the earthquake but since base was having the affects and aftermath all are having repercussion, since economy is surviving on Tourism only.

After my eight days tour I realized Nepal is rubbing off all that had happened and life is Onn and time would heal all and we must move ahead and try our level best.

Now after one year of the jolt in 2016 I am finding the bustling tourism, activity and the region majorly settled in routine. This is real satisfaction for me as I am as well able to cruise ahead with great lesson and learning and our team is again thinking progressive and surging ahead.

Now with our progressive team we are promoting the destination in a bigger and better way with several holiday packages with 7 nights to 10 nights, corporate conferences at Nepal, trekking and Pilgrimage tours bound to Kailash Mansarover, Muktinath, Jankpur, Lumbini and many more.

 Blog written by Pooja Mehraa Corporate Director Nepal Tourism Package (NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd.) an inbound travel company for Nepal.



  1. Nepal is certainly a fantastic country to visit...though with the right team...
    I had signed up for Kailash Mansarovar trip for Aug'16 and had made the initial deposit. When the dates were moved out(due to no fault of mine) I was owed a refund of Rs 50k(acknowledged by Nepal Tourism).....100 days onwards I am still awaiting my refund and frankly have not got much response on my emails/phone calls.
    Anajli and Pooja from the Sales team are aware of this....
    Not the kind of customer service which will get people to choose the packages being offered frankly...