Thursday, 28 September 2017

Vacation for Solo Travellers

Nepal Tourism Package (NTP Solo tours) are ideal for solo travellers. It can be daunting to travel on your own, especially in countries where English isn’t widely spoken and the culture is very different from home. As a solo traveller with NTP you can expect to be in good company, with around half the group travelling solo, while the other half are travelling as couples or friends.

Apart from providing security and peace of mind, joining a small group adventure is also great for sharing all the experience with your fellow travellers. Whether you’re exploring an ancient site, wandering through a market or winding up the day at a local restaurant, you’ll enjoy it all much more if you’re sharing the experiences with a small group of like-minded travelling companions.

By their very nature NTP trips attract people who love travel - seeing new places, enjoying new experiences and meeting new people. Whatever your age and however experienced or inexperienced a traveller you are, you will be more than welcome as a solo traveller on one of our small group trips. You may join alone, but by the end you’ll feel as though you’re travelling with a group of friends.
Solo Tour Nepal

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