Nepal in Nepal

Nepal tour is our common package that is suitable for everyone. You will visit the heart of Kathmandu city with full of heritage sites and Pokhara, which is one of the most popular destinations for tourist in Nepal

Nepal Pilgrimage Tour

Kathmandu valley is known for its culture and the UNESCO would heritage sites combined with mixed tradition and spiritual practices in the region with diverse people living in the area.

Divinity of Nepal with Buddha

This tour offer beautiful Lumbini pilgrimage sites, Lumbini Garden, birth place of Gautam Buddha, Mayadevi Temple, Ashoka Pillar, several Buddhist monasteries, eternal lamp and beautiful landscape.

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is one of the holiest pilgrimages for the Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bon.

Muktinath Yatra Package

Muktinath is a sacred place for both Hindus and Buddhists located in Muktinath Vale

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Deepawali, Tihar Festival Tour

“The Deepawali or Dewali or Tihar festival is second great festival of Nepal and basically the Tihar Festival is celebrated for 5 days and there are many stories behind of the festival and one of the famous stories is related to Yama (God of death) and his sister Yamuna.”

These brother and sister of Yama and Yamuna used to stay in different places and Yamuna wanted to see her brother Yama and sent Kag (crow), Kukur (dog) and Gai (cow) to call him but he did not come to see his sister Yamuna and in the last Yamuna herself went to see him and worshipped her brother  (Yama) with five colored Tika and garland of Makhamali flower with making circle of mustard oil and asked him to stay her until the Oil, garland get dry cause the Mustard oil and the flower of Makhamali never get dry, which mean she wants her brother always to be with her son, now, every Nepali sisters do the same with their brothers. So, the Crow, Dog and Cow are also worshiped in this festival.
A part from Lights, celebrations, and Tika Many Nepali young girls and boys pay Deusi and Bhailo in Deepawali Festival in Nepal which is old form of dancing and singing in which they travel from home to home in neighbors and this is called Deusi and Bhailo Khelne program. The household make elaborate plate with food and money to offers to Deusire and Bhailire and they offer blessing to the households for wealth, happiness, long life and well-being and basically, the group of men called Deusire and group of women called Bhailire but there days, it is common to see men and women in single group and pay together and basically, they play it for fund raising propose for some social work for the community these days as well.
As  Nepal is not only the popular for the mountain trekking but also for feast and festival as Nepal is country of the festival and it is great for outsider to observe the festival and to take part in this festival and we at Outfitter Nepal has designed a tour program in the Tihar festival time that offers great opportunities to learn and experience the Nepali culture and celebrations and we have included the visit of the some of the historical places of Kathmandu and visit the another great beautiful city Pokhara.
 As the Deepawali or Tihar festival takes place in the time of Autumn - October and November and these months are considered to be the best time for the trek in Nepal so, if you are planning to do any trek in Nepal including Annapurna Base camp or Everest Base Camp or any other tours in Nepal, we can arrange the any trek or tour in Nepal with celebration of Tihar festival.

Deepawali Tihar Festival Tour Highlights

·  Observe and take part in the Great festival of Deepawali.
·  Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites in Kathmandu.
·  Scenic drive to Pokhara and return.
·  Visit Phewa Lake and sunrise from Sarangkot.
·  Option to take paragliding in Pokhara.
·  Option to take Everest Mountain flight in Kathmandu.