Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Adventure and Classic Treks in the Himalayas Nepal


For the trekkers, the opportunity to trek in the Himalaya, the world’s greatest mountain range is a definite tick on their “cart list” – and rightfully so!

Blessed Nepal - there are a range of Himalayan treks in Nepal, home to 8 of the 8000m peaks that suit everyone from young families, and first time hikers to experienced trekkers aiming to delve beyond the beaten track. There are diverse cultural adventures, a classic trek or a challenging high altitude expedition, Nepal is the exotic destination for anyone looking for a unique, memorizing vacation of a lifetime!

Group in the Nepalese Himalayas


We have segmented our Nepal treks into 2 different categories – Adventure Treks and Classic Treks. This has no connotation what, our treks will showcase the stunning mountain scenery that is synonymous with this area and strongly rooted in the culture of the Himalaya. Hence considering the difference:

NTP Adventure Treks Take You Away to the beaten path and with an added flavour of little more adventurous. These treks are planned in a way; you are into the untamed Himalayan wilderness, far away from the crowds. Here you stay at locally managed tea houses and experience cultures relatively unchanged over hundreds of years. Regions we venture through may have been recently opened to trekkers or a new take on a classic route – like our Annapurna Circuit Hike & Bike or on foot. These beautiful and cultural exotic treks have no comparison. We could even garnish them with some adventure sports like paragliding, bungy jumping, zip line or Himalayan /Everest flight.

WE Get close to the 8th highest peak during our Manaslu Circuit Trek, Uncover the holy lakes of Gosaikunda on our Langtang Valley trek or consume yak butter tea with Sherpa’s on our Gokyo Valley Trek.

Our Classic Treks has remarkable set of the finest, tried and true treks that epitomize what trekking in the Himalaya is all about. Experience its unfazed vistas, sprawling valleys, ancient / classic villages and enjoy the pure beauty and splendor of the mountains. Trekking to Everest Base camp and the Annapurna Circuit are location favorites. You’ll feel like touched the Himalayas with top of the world feeling which has no words.

Pass by the valleys and historical rhododendron forest on our Poon Hill Trek or be merged in 7000m and 8000m peaks on a trip to Annapurna Base camp!



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